18 Pickled Questions: Physical Science

Peter had picked you some samples of major questions whose answers are closely related and would take time to check-recheck the letter of your choice. These refresh questions were not complicated, anyway.

20 refresh questions are not enough to refresh you on Licensure Examination. Browse more sites for review questions and take note the important details.

1.The student holds a book at rest in an outstretched hand. The force exerted on the book by the student is equal to the book’s
a. mass
b. weight
c. volume
d. density

2.The glass rod is charged positively by rubbing the glass rod with a silk cloth. During this process
a. electrons are transferred from the glass rod to the silk cloth.
b. electrons are transferred from the silk cloth to the glass rod.
c. protons are transferred from the glass rod to the silk cloth.
d. protons are transferred from the silk cloth to the glass rod.

3. When metal is heated in a flame, the flame ha distinctive color. This information was eventually extended to the study of stars because
a. the color spectra of stars indicate which elements are present.
b. the red shift in stars color indicates stars are moving away.
c. star color indicates absolute distance.
d. it allows the observer to determine the size of the stars.

4.Why is cobalt (Co) placed before Nickel (Ni) on the periodic table of the elements even though it has a higher average atomic mass than nickel?
a. Nickel has one more proton
b. Cobalt was discovered first
c. Nickel has fewer electrons
d. Cobalt has a lower density

5.Generally, how do atomic masses vary throughout the periodic table of elements?
a. They increase from left to right and top to bottom.
b. They increase from left to right and bottom to top.
c. They increase from right to left and top to bottom.
d. They increase from right to left and bottom to top.

6.Under the same conditions of pressure and temperature, a liquid differs from a gas because the molecules of the liquid
a. have no regular arrangement.
b. are in constant motion.
c. have stronger forces of attraction between them.
d. take the shape of the container they are in.

7.The temperature which all molecular motion stops is
a. -460ºC
b. -273 K
c. 0 K
d. 0ºC

8.How much work is required to lift a 4.0 kg concrete block to a height of 2.0 m?
a. 78 N
b. 78 kg
c. 50.5 N
d. 50.5 kg

9.When the moon appears through the night as a thin crescent, the sun’s light:
a. is being blocked by the earth
b. still illuminates about half the surface of the moon
c. is only hitting the crescent region
d. only shines during the day

10.Only about 50% of the solar energy directed toward Earth penetrates directly to the surface. What happens to the rest of the radiation?
a.It is absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere.
b. It loses energy traveling through space.
c. It is reflected off the Moon and back into space.
d. It loses energy overcoming the Sun’s gravity.

11.Which of these could increase average global temperatures?
a. increased use of fossil fuels
b. increased ocean algal blooms
c. decreased carbon dioxide emissions
d. increased numbers of animal species

12.At 25ºC, the pressure of helium is 650 torr. If its container is sealed under pressure of 597 torr, what will be its temperature in Kelvin?
a. 273.7 K
b. 324.4 K
c. 22.96 K
d. 325.6 K

13.Which of the following elements have the core configuration of [Ne] 3s2 3d1?
a. 13Al
b. 19K
c. 20Ca
d. 15P

14.Scientist X had arranged the elements in increasing atomic number instead of atomic mass after investigating X-rays of elements. Scientist X is
a. Glenn Seaborg
b. Henry Moseley
c. Dmitri Mendeleyev
d. John Newlands

15. Soft drinks consists of a mixture of water, sugar, and flavouring, with carbon dioxide gas bubbled though it. Which of these ingredients would be considered the solvent?
a. water
b. sugar
c. flavoring
d. carbon dioxide

16. Which procedure is unsafe when heating a liquid in a test tube?
a. heating slowly
b. adding the liquid to the test tube before turning on the flame
c. using a low energy flame
d. looking down the test tube to check for boiling

17. Peter stirs a mug of hot coffee with a metal spoon. What type of heat transfer is responsible for the spoon of getting hot?
a. conduction
b. convection
c. thermoelectric
d. radiation

18. An aluminium bar was found to have a mass 37 g. Using water displacement, the volume was measured to be 10 mL. What is the density of the aluminium?
a. 370 g/mL
b. 370 g
c. 3.7 g/mL
d. 3.7 g

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Soon after realizing your correct answers, be aware of your weakest point and step-by-step create and develop mastery.

Misfortune of a Robot

He is a boy. He has been waking and sleeping in a small house with his sister and humble grandparents who taught him the lessons of discipline and righteousness. He hates to be bathed but never forgets to do the Sign of the Cross before water touches his body. This is what his grandparents wanted him to be. With her lola, they walk the long trails of procession during Good Friday, following the figure of Blessed Virgin Mary who cries blood. The boy was at all times afraid of that. Though, his fears and tiredness will be washed out after his lola bought him new Spartan slippers after the walk.

He had grown in a less typical community and become an introvert during his childhood years. His desire to meet new friends was expressed to non-living things. Every day, the boy sets time to search for different sizes and forms of stones that are striking to his gentle visions; he collects it and brings to his secret pseudo-museum beneath their 1-meter bamboo floor.  Stones are special that made him name them. Lifeless, but their arrangement and hidden beauty in the boy’s eyes were enough to make him smile.

But the limits of this boy had been realized, it more fun way out. He started to mingle with other boys younger than him and leaving those numb and in-comatose stones on his occipital. They taught them new lifeless recreations, and this becomes a battle. Battle of friends’ trust.

Lifeless smile-giver and friend-provided-thing number two: bottle tin caps. They call it tansan in Negros Occidental and these have become an addiction. Tansan is considered as mock money and also player’s armor that is being used as a batano.

The next month, by the current trends and demands of these children, another medium of recreation turned out: lastiko. Lastiko is a rubber band with bonded ends that appears to be in circular shape. The other months, new hobbies were in trend and in constantly changing.

No matter how the boy tried to win the game and gain his friends attention, he always ends up a loser. In the fury goals of taking the tansans and lastiko back, he bought it to his opponents (who was his friends who challenged him in a game) and gained a filled box.

The poor child never tried to gamble it again in a game. He became revengeful and protective of what he owns; coward in losing them.

On the busy roads of the ill Coloso Street that was filled with lanterns and lights, this boy was in great excitement of annual happiness- his parents. Christmas was the only time to have time with his Mama and Papa. There will be tasty and delicious foods, new clothes, big discarded books which her mother asks to take and so many toys he loved. That was heaven in one week.

And in one morning, his father gives him a robot three-fourths of his size. His father inserted four AAA batteries at the compartment and turned it on. With no sudden delays, the robot eyes turned red and his feet and arms ammunition move. The boy threw it and ran in his unexpected surprise.

The robot was named as Zadac, not because it was written in the package, but the robot introduces itself to the boy. As the robot would say, “I’m Zadac. Drop your weapons. Fire!” The boy found his new best friend: he brings it in his bed, he cleans it, he cries to his father when the batteries wear out. That was the happiest day for the gentle visions of the boy. Until his parents went back to Manila without waking him up. And his mind assumes that his parents hiding in the room, up until the next Christmas comes.

Lonely as they may seem, the boy turned out be different. He grows into isolation. Deep into his mind, he realized that toys and clothes were not important. These could not supply the happiness he wants. And he started to break them, little by little.

His lola have been bellowing him on the way he cares about his toys. The boy becomes harsh with the things he have. He manipulates and throws it every time he may like. And one time, a toy catches his attention-Zadac. Even his best friend had a hard and creepy time keeping up with the boy. He looked for screws, wirings and joints, examines and studied its anatomy. The poor machine who is packed with ammunitions and batteries failed to survive the manipulative of the harsh child. In the absence of grief, the child continued to disassemble the robot’s head from the body. He detached everything connected. He destroyed his best friend.

On the latter, the boy had seen the Zadac’s head and realized things done.

What we teach is not what the world needs

Students’ learning is basically predictable when lessons are mastered, attained targets and positive assessment results. At those moments, we are rounded off by great feeling of pleasure in teaching; and when this come about, we are summing up that the student learned more than enough.

Learning ‘more than is enough’ is more than enough. Though, real learning wasn’t focused on the literal concepts and litter of the inept competencies. We rely on texts rather than reasoning and most of the time; lessons are not executed without books and IMs. Dependency to the ‘what to teach’ is rising and we take our remaining strengths to push all the possible data in our children. We became bookish, as they might say.

College students don’t actually remember what they had learned from high school days; even the big number of high school students cannot recall and are trying for not recalling their previous lessons after examinations. They had learned it, but they cannot evoke.

That’s when learning becomes awful. Awful in a sense that if students can’t recall, they could not think of any possibility in applying learned information. Inability to apply would mean choosing the different direction out of the right path that was learned in their former education. Nevertheless, they try to study again the information that once learned and primary learning becomes useless.

What we are learning now is the prerequisite of what we had learned, and if we can’t even call to mind our previous understanding, how can we proceed to the next?

The time spent in our early education is a waste. Learning wasn’t there, wasn’t barely encrypted in textbooks. Anyway, high school years are just for fun and laughter but never in the way had we internalized the lesson.

Persons to blame always end this kind of story. On the contrary, these persons-responsible have no idea about it. Unconscious and without guilt, they have done their part in teaching. Some must be proud of their high-understanding, 360 degree-flexible and fast learning students, but later in a year, these students forgot what they had taught.

Too Modern: We Forget

The rise of industrialization and technology covered the hundred hectares plowed by an obscured animal and miles travelled by a messenger hawk. The work, labor and toils were relied to machines with an inside intelligence software. They have no rest, and require no food or RENI. They were automatic, do what you say. They were also the reason you are reading my blog. They are the best-engines of replacement.

A professor from a fiction movie said that, “God created dinosaurs; God destroys dinosaurs; God created man; Man created dinosaurs.” Mankind creates its own fate. Problem is: we don’t know where it is leading to. As to substitute the quote from the current dilemma: God created man; God created animals and plants; Man created machines; Machines helps men do their work easier; Man likes it; Man create MORE machines that tend to disrupt and disintegrate the value of nature; Man blames machines; Machine don’t have heart.

We became globalized, internationalized, universalized and other words that talks about mimicry of the countries on cultures and norms. We became so modern, we even disgrace our own race, friends and family in just the way they dressed themselves.

ImageIs being in-style a necessity? Does it make any difference to what we are ought to live on past years? Embracing advancement of technology does not stop in knowing that nucleus of an atom was discovered by the gold foil apparatus; it is more to that.

And the bad side is not in the people who took advantage, these are magnified in the base of the societal triangle.