Too Modern: We Forget

The rise of industrialization and technology covered the hundred hectares plowed by an obscured animal and miles travelled by a messenger hawk. The work, labor and toils were relied to machines with an inside intelligence software. They have no rest, and require no food or RENI. They were automatic, do what you say. They were also the reason you are reading my blog. They are the best-engines of replacement.

A professor from a fiction movie said that, “God created dinosaurs; God destroys dinosaurs; God created man; Man created dinosaurs.” Mankind creates its own fate. Problem is: we don’t know where it is leading to. As to substitute the quote from the current dilemma: God created man; God created animals and plants; Man created machines; Machines helps men do their work easier; Man likes it; Man create MORE machines that tend to disrupt and disintegrate the value of nature; Man blames machines; Machine don’t have heart.

We became globalized, internationalized, universalized and other words that talks about mimicry of the countries on cultures and norms. We became so modern, we even disgrace our own race, friends and family in just the way they dressed themselves.

ImageIs being in-style a necessity? Does it make any difference to what we are ought to live on past years? Embracing advancement of technology does not stop in knowing that nucleus of an atom was discovered by the gold foil apparatus; it is more to that.

And the bad side is not in the people who took advantage, these are magnified in the base of the societal triangle.


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