What we teach is not what the world needs

Students’ learning is basically predictable when lessons are mastered, attained targets and positive assessment results. At those moments, we are rounded off by great feeling of pleasure in teaching; and when this come about, we are summing up that the student learned more than enough.

Learning ‘more than is enough’ is more than enough. Though, real learning wasn’t focused on the literal concepts and litter of the inept competencies. We rely on texts rather than reasoning and most of the time; lessons are not executed without books and IMs. Dependency to the ‘what to teach’ is rising and we take our remaining strengths to push all the possible data in our children. We became bookish, as they might say.

College students don’t actually remember what they had learned from high school days; even the big number of high school students cannot recall and are trying for not recalling their previous lessons after examinations. They had learned it, but they cannot evoke.

That’s when learning becomes awful. Awful in a sense that if students can’t recall, they could not think of any possibility in applying learned information. Inability to apply would mean choosing the different direction out of the right path that was learned in their former education. Nevertheless, they try to study again the information that once learned and primary learning becomes useless.

What we are learning now is the prerequisite of what we had learned, and if we can’t even call to mind our previous understanding, how can we proceed to the next?

The time spent in our early education is a waste. Learning wasn’t there, wasn’t barely encrypted in textbooks. Anyway, high school years are just for fun and laughter but never in the way had we internalized the lesson.

Persons to blame always end this kind of story. On the contrary, these persons-responsible have no idea about it. Unconscious and without guilt, they have done their part in teaching. Some must be proud of their high-understanding, 360 degree-flexible and fast learning students, but later in a year, these students forgot what they had taught.


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